bean-bag rehab

Bean-bag “rehab”

We joyfully afforded the opportunity to laze around for a couple of months and actually did almost nothing during late summer and early autumn. What was the reason for that? Hmm… Probably there is one. The one that we consider an excuse. We were homeless… Not that we squatted, no, God preserve us! We had no place to gather and do naughty things. We had no OFFICE!

Now we have A high-floor room with big windows, old parquet, bare walls… well – floor, walls and the door, that’s it. But in order to sit and work on our BIG project and serf in search for many new, we needed something to sit on. So first few days we settled everything with the rent, internet provider and insurance. And ordered tables. Tables were to come in 2 weeks (they did not actually). Okay, laps will do, but where to sit?

We bought a couple of bean bags and fixed ourselves in them comfortably. And at this point we get sucked in to a new X-mas iPhone app venture followed by an app promotion project.

This is how we are getting back to active work after depression. Bean-bags did their part

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Comics apps. Second take

I’m going back to the question ‘Do you like comics?’ reverting to the subject of the recent blog-post ‘Comics Apps To Trend?’. You might probably ask me why do I rake over old ashes or blabber on this subject again. And I will probably give you a “because” answer indistinctly Because I like comics.

One more curious iPhone/iPad app I came across on weekend, made me continue this comics epic. The most interesting thing about it is that it combines both a game and a comic book and promises about 4 hours of involvement. Actually this is pure truth

“The story is co-written and drawn by the studio that’s responsible for the Oscar nominated animation films The Triplets of Belleville and The Secret of Kells. Screens are colored by Raymund Lee, famous for his work on Marvel’s Wolverine series”.

(from iTunes description)

Some famous names there, huh?

The art-work is amazing, that’s true. The game is a bit slow, but there’s also a positive side about it – you won’t finish it off at a stretch and can prolong the experience.

The gameplay is enriched with a beautifully drawn comic strips that take you deeper into the story line behind the gameplay that, definitely, makes the game deeper and even feels more More >