I’ve never been a game-addict, nor spent more than 10 hours in all my life on playing games. And being engaged into mobile development, I used to be a part of mostly app-projects. Something useful, something making life easier, something commercial in the end. Even first game we made, iMommy for iPhone and iPad, was more a useful tool for parents to engage their children rather than a pure game.

This time we developed a bloody true addictive kind of game for iPhone. Holiday Havoc… First time I saw the mock-ups of the screens and several UI elements, I caught myself on thinking that something is being ruined… Everything looked so plain and unsophisticated that I was happy all marketing stuff will do Kevin [@UndergroundPixl] – the idea-man of this project. Cool, I thought. Time passed.

When it was almost the time of the initial release and I decided to get a glimpse of the result, there came a feeling, a destructive, frustrating feeling that I wasn’t right. I thought I’m always right, you know. ;) That was a tragedy. Holiday Havoc proved to be a very nicely designed pixel-art retro style little game. I loved its look.

Holiday Havoc

Surely, after playing a few rounds and understanding lack of gaming experience and actually playing worse than everyone in our dev team, I gave up. I never opened Holiday Havoc again.

Till today :p Growing my achievements now – Game Centre is supported.

Join us :p Download Holiday Havoc from the AppStore:

Holiday Havoc icon