We have been shamelessly silent for long, that’s true. But there’s one big excuse for this – unwearying labour of bringing to life a one of a kind iPhone game for Kids based on our customer’s amazing idea.

Nonviolent, practical and useful, beautifully designed and very engaging. In order not to copy&paste the game description, I’d rather show you the dedicated site: see iMommysite. Give it a quick look, especially if you have your own kids – you should like the game!

iMommy Kitchen

Time runs fast and in a matter of just one week we are going to submit iMommy game to Apple AppStore. There’s such a hustle in the office: disassembled virtual baby (for instance, the main character of the game) flies hither and thither around the office from the designer to devs and vise versa, cry and laughter can be heard from everywhere while testing. Everyone is already used to cooing, giggling, whimpers of the devs baby who has come to be the object of our close undivided attention for the recent month.

Since we started working on the app after all the naughty winter holidays, we’ve managed to imitate baby’s gurgle achieve a lot. Rich, detailed graphics, animation, nice sound effects and miscellaneous object interaction abilities – everything makes the game really engaging. The whole idea is quite unique – again visit the iMommy site to learn more about the very idea, scenario and see loads of screenshots :)

iMommy Playroom

We hope so much that iMommy will light up and if you after reading this post think it’s something worth attention, give it a share. We’d appreciate your help! Any feedback is very welcome. So if you are now reading thislet us know what you think, show the material to moms, kids and post your impressions.

And the last for today: Release in Aril! Watch out :)

Catherine, CompoundConcept Team