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HowDidIGetHome?!?! app is ideal to track your way from one location to another and show your route on map.
Just take your iPhone with you wherever you go and be sure your steps will be recorded. Make fun of your night adventures sharing the screen shots with your friends on Twitter or Facebook.

HowDidIGetHome app screenshot of mapping and geolocation features HowDidIGetHome app screenshot of tracing the route home feature HowDidIGetHome app screenshot of social networks sharing features (facebook, twitter, email, etc.)

6 ideas of using the app:

- recall all your turnings, wheelings and twists
- save time on getting to the right place another time
- outdo topographic difficulties
- invent new convenient city routes and share them with friends
- make up tricky routes around familiar places for fun and entertainment
- organize orienteering competitions
- and much more…
    No stop signs to explore the world behind the window as HowDidIGetHome?!?! question is something from your past now! ;)