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Availvable on App StoreThe application is a classic Memory Game helping you hone your short-term memory skills and retention. User is given a screen with cards placed on it. The rules are simple: keep the card position in mind and pick two cards with the same picture on them. Pair up all cards to win. The faster you do it, the higher is your score.

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  • Two game modes: Arcade and Quick Game
  • 10 levels in Arcade game with progressive difficulty escalation
  • Three Themes for card decks including the cards back, icons and game screen background
  • 6 optional difficulty levels for the Quick Game
  • Beautiful cards animation
  • Timer
  • Top 10 scores list
  • Background music and sound effects

The application is presented in three different modifications: Lite, KIDS and Deluxe, with different schemes, UI layouts and features.

Technical Details:

The game was developed for both the Android and  iPhone platforms in parallel. It extensively utilizes the multimedia and animation capabilities of the platforms to present better user experience.

Used technologies and products: iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch, C, Android SDK, Java, SQLite

Project complexity:

  • Overall project duration: 8 weeks
  • The team consisted of: 1 Developer, 1 QA and 1 BA / Project Manager