iMommy Game

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iMommy Game – a brand new collaborative game for kids and parents.


- Close to life, educative and engaging gameplay
- Cozy design and cute, lively babies of different ethnicities
- 5 interactive rooms to play with your baby
- Intuitive interaction and no language attribution
- Easy and fun for any child to play


Are you a busy mom?  Do you have a hard time keeping all your little ones busy? Do you wish your eldest could be a bit more helpful with your youngest?

Help has arrived via this unique iPhone app! iMommy app for iPhone is an absolutely one of a kind game invented by a mom for moms!

It will not only entertain your child, but also teach how to carefully treat a newborn or toddler.

Cozy design, educative and interactive character of the iMommy game will be a fun and useful entertainment for kids and provide valuable minutes of rest for their mothers!

iMommy Kitchen iMommy Bedroom

A baby is at the heart of iMommy. You can choose the one that you’d most like to play with. When you open the first screen, several babies of different ethnicities will be smiling at you. Sorry, we haven’t any kilts or cowboy hats. We haven’t been that specific yet! ;)

Once you chose your baby, you’ll have to gather all your love and care to keep your baby smiling. The scenario is quite challenging: feeding, washing, entertaining, and calming your baby aren’t easy.

So your elder kids will learn many practical and useful things, from warming a bottle of milk before giving it to your baby, to how to get your baby to fall asleep at bedtime. To be a good mom, you must be extremely patient and forbearing. Your baby will cry and do naughty things when your approach is wrong.

Watch iMommy YouTube Trailer:

Playing iMommy game will teach your little ones that being a mom is hard but fulfilling. You might even get an eager helper by your side!