Ninechannel Foul Mouth

Nine Channel Foul Mouth

Availvable on App StoreThe Foul Mouth app was designed and created for the Ninechannel Studio

Foul Mouth is an entertainment app with a really simple logic. You have to spin the custom infinite pickers and then see what you’ve got. And the word combinations are often pretty funny. See for yourself:

Nine Channel Foul Mouth Nine Channel Foul Mouth Spinner


  • Two Custom Spinners
  • Custom scroll sounds
  • Sound playback of the combination chosen
  • Lots of fun

Technical Details:

The main challenge in the project was to implement custom spinner elements that look cool, and synchronize animation with sounds. Sound features include gapless playback of two words taken from different files.

Used technologies and products: iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch, C, Custom UI Elements implementation

Project complexity:

  • Overall project duration: 1 week
  • The team consisted of: 1 Developer, 1 QA and 1 BA / Project Manager