RobinReader RSS Aggregator

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The application is a simple and easy to use RSS Reader. It pulls news feed from a server and displays them in categories. User can browse categories and read news articles. Full article view was implemented on iPhone webview wrapper, which solved iPhone OS application boundary limitation.

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The application has six screens:

  • Splash screen (with logo displayed while the application is loading)
  • Categories screen
  • Articles list screen
  • Article full view
  • Favorites
  • Preferences

We had implemented additional features to allow users to:

  • Display the number of unread articles in the Categories view
  • Manually update feeds (or selected feed)
  • Mark articles as read
  • Navigate between articles in full article view
  • Automatically delete articles when they expire (controlled by the customer)
  • Manually delete selected articles
  • View the articles in the external browser
  • Send a link or the whole article to a friend or colleague via e-mail or short message

Technical Details:

The project was implemented for the iPhone platform. Application development for the Android platform is just started and is still in progress.

Used technologies and products: iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch, C, Android SDK, Java

Project complexity:

  • Overall project duration: 4 weeks
  • The team consisted of: 1 Developer, 1 QA and 1 BA / SCRUM-master