SHIfT Presentation App for iPad

SHIfT Icon 175 SHIfT is a presentation application designed by request of the
Ilusion Labs S.L. for the ROVI Pharmaceuticals (Laboratorios FarmacĂ©uticos ROVI, S.A.) – chemical and pharmaceutical company established in Madrid, Spain.

Note: The app will be distributed as an internal app only among limited number of agents, to be used during presentations.

It provides rich comprehensive information on the trial of systolic heart failure treatment with the if inhibitor ivabradine. It serves presentation functions, contains videos, graphics, schemes and diagrams thus giving a full picture of the process of treatment and results.

SHIfT Screenshot 01 Startup Screen SHIfT Screenshot 02 Chronic HF Background Treatment

Lots of high resolution videos and graphics made the app bundle to be of a high size and resulted in high memory consumption while presentation was running. The situation got even worse when we added the feature of displaying the app content on the external display or projector. And this was one of the challenges during the development process.

As a solution we have optimized the video playback feature to make it run smoothly and be able to perform fast switches between different videos and parts of presentation. To reduce the overall size of the application we performed several attempts of recoding the videos to optimize the quality and reduce the size.

Another challenge was that we had to develop the app under a high time pressure and changing requirements. Changes were made to the app behavior and look and feel until the last day of the development. And as a result, the app was supplied 10 minutes before the actual presentation.

And it turned to be a success. The customer, being very excited all this time, appeared to be fully satisfied and…the presentation went the way it should.