Mobile Web-Apps Development

Mobile Web-Apps development service for those who want some real cross platform compatibility.

What’s a Mobile Web application?

It is not a piece of software, but more of a Web site that is optimized for viewing on the mobile device. These sites can offer nearly all of the functionality of your traditional Web sites because they are based on the same technology.

A mobile web app:

  • lives on the web
  • accessible from a browser
  • written in a web language (html/css/js)

Benefits of a web app:

  • cost savings (In most of cases native application development is more expensive than its Web application analog. Furthermore, native application development is more time-consuming and therefore incurs more billable hours).
  • rapid deployments & update control (web-apps don’t need to be approved by app stores, you can make as many updates as you want)
  • accessibility
  • cross-platform compatibility (your web-app can work on any of the existing platforms)
  • based on open standards – HTML 5, CSS 3

When to build on the web:

  • targeting multiple devices
  • consuming info
  • mobilizing a web site
  • limited access to the device
  • e-mail, phone, map, etc.

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